Young Men
Never too soon

Stay Ahead of the Curve! As opposed to more invasive methods, one example would be the “Strip Method” or the “Bosley Method”, it’s never too soon to consider Hair Dr. for that early recession or thinning crown.

Older Men

Get Rid of that Annoying Hairpiece! With Plenty of hair to spare on the back and sides of the head, Hair Dr. can even cover those that are fully bald.

The Silent Sufferers

No More Wigs or Creative Hairstyling! Your Waiting is Over!! Hair Dr. provides an aesthetically pleasing way to treat females with thinning hair and the ability to conceal their procedure.

No Scalpel

Unlike those other methods, Hair Dr. removes the hair follicles with a 1mm punch device and implants them into holes the size of a needle. This precise method produces a more natural looking result.

No Stitches

Since Hair Dr. doesn’t cut the scalp, no stitches or staples are needed. These small holes heal and close within 24-48 hours. That means less pain and a quicker recovery.

No Scar

The Hair Dr. Method produces no linear scar, so you can cut your hair as short as you want. With no damage left behind, it is easier to do future procedures, if desired.


WHY Choose Hair Dr.?

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Quality Care

Well-trained and experienced hair technicians, providing the latest hair restoration methods & restoration solutions. We perform Automated Follicle Unit Extraction utilizing the NeoGraft and SmartGraft.
site-img11 (1)Complimentary consult with the actual physician to address and assess YOUR specific needs and best possible approach. Personal touch provided with follow up phone calls, visits and you leave the Hair Dr. Center with the physicians personal cell phone number.
site-img11 (1)Well established Automated Follicle Unit Extraction Hair Restoration Company committed to providing the best care in the hair industry. A leader in providing Automated Follicle Unit Extraction.


  • Best Hair Restoration Method
    Automated FUE. NeoGraft or SmartGraft, precise with excellent viability.
  • Best Hair Technicians
    Well trained, experienced and artistic with true attention to hair design.
  • Best Physician Involvement
    Free Consults with the Physician. Doctor on site during the entire procedure. Direct line to Physician for Post-Op questions.
  • Best FUE Pricing
    Competitive, Consistent, & Fair Pricing. No hidden charges. No additional costs for follow up visits.




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